Logo Graphie

A collaborative IT company.

We partner with organizations of all sizes in public, private, and social sectors to build innovation into their culture and move forward in brave new ways.

Discovered by two enthusiastic partners.

We come from internal innovation teams and external agencies. Upstream and down. Digital worlds and physical. We’ve remotely managed moving pieces and personally handled the final touches.


Over the past 15 years, we've been recognized for our innovative work in product, service, and experience design: We’ve helped millions of foreign workers to obtain permission to work in Indonesia. We’ve created dozens of beautiful websites, mobile apps and games to helped local and international companies to communicate their products. We've told the human story behind technology and made technology the human story.

We're here, now, to meet eye-to-eye with brave leaders that want to act on the complex challenges that need diverse collaborators.

Humanity and creativity have been at our core

When we founded Graphie, we looked back at the work we've done and forward to the complex challenges ahead.

We saw humanity and creativity at the core of who we are and what we've accomplished in technology, healthcare, and entertainment. We see the pace of change quickening and the need for new tools to connect the dots between vision and execution, institutional change and personal experience.


We're here to give form to the future and act on challenges that need collaborators. We created the Graphie.id to make that possible; to nurture creativity, support organizations as they move quicker than ever, and enable young companies to scale their ideas.

Together, we create human-centered services, products, and organizations that enhance the way we live, work, and play. We prototype in real-time with the people we serve, connect emerging technologies to human-speed opportunities, and align actions with purpose—the purpose that drives business.

We work close, we listen, we challenge, and we never stand still. The future is ours.